Blackpool South Pier


Victoria Pier was the third pier to be built in Blackpool.  It was shorter, but wider than the two existing piers.  The opening ceremony in 1893 included and orchestra, a choir and a couple of brass bands.  The following month the Grand Pavilion opened.  As well as the usual shelters for people to get out of the sun or rain, there were facilities for 36 shops where you could buy an ice cream, or have your photograph taken, amongst other things.

The pier was renamed the South Pier in 1930, and in 1938 the Regal Pavilion was added.

The Grand Pavilion, at the seaward end, was damaged by fire in 1954 and again in 1958.  In 1963, the Regal Theatre, at the landward end, became the Beachcomber Amusement Arcade.

Another fire, in 1964, destroyed the Grand Pavilion, although a new theatre was built within twelve weeks.  In February 1990, storms left a 12’ gap across the pier entrance, which was subsequently repaired.  In early 1998, the theatre was demolished to make way for the pier’s own white-knuckle ride.

Pavilions and theatres are now all in the past, replaced by rides of all sorts, up and down, round and round.  A few of the old style fairground rides, such as dodgems and waltzers, still survive and, of course, there are plenty of the usual arcade games for your metal money.

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