Burnham-on-Sea Pier

The first pier at this location was built by the Somerset Railway company in 1858, offering a steamer service to Wales from 1860. However, the days of commercial steamer services had already sailed. The old railway lines and are still there under a layer of concrete.
What you see now was the last pier to be built before the Second World War and opened in 1914.

It’s rated as Britain’s shortest pier, there’s nothing much to it, just arcades full of the usual amusement machines and take away food. However, looking towards it along the escapade, if you can ignore the signs for fish and chips or whatever is currently on display, the structure has a grandeur with shades of the Chrystal Palace Great Exhibition about it. It’s a shame that more is not made of it, if only I had a spare couple of million.

Painting of Burnham-on-Sea Pier