Pine Avenue Pier, Long Island

The first Pine Avenue Pier opened in May 1893 and was the first municipal pier to be built in California.  A few years later the wooden pier structure was replaced with a 40’ wide x 1,000’ long cement and steel double decker with the bottom level for automobiles, and the top for pedestrians.

Opening-day festivities featured California Governor George Pardee presiding over a barbecue, yacht races, a football game, a float parade and dancing on into the night with virtually everyone in town showing up to walk out beyond the thunderous breakers.

The Sun Parlor building opened at the end of the pier in April 1905.

Buffeted night and day by strong waves, it needed constant upgrading, and a freakish Fourth of July storm in 1910 knocked out an 80’ section of the structure.  That was repaired, but the pier was damaged again by storms in 1912 and 1919.  The pier remained for another 15 years before its final remains were swept away by heavy surf in 1934.

Pine Avenue Pier