Old Daly’s Wharf, Akaroa

New Zealand

Old Daly’s Wharf is the second to have been built at, or very near to its present location.  The first was constructed sometime between 1863 and 1865.  There is an old photograph of what appears to be the bones of a wharf taken in 1865.

The small cabin perched on the end of the pier is the ticket office for the Fox II, a 90 year old sailing ketch; it is the oldest wooden gaff rigged sailing ketch in New Zealand.

The wharf was named after a merchant who ran a store near the base of the wharf, in its early years.

Although it was never the town’s main wharf, it was used throughout the 20th century by coastal ships and fishing boats, and it is now a big tourist attraction.

Painting of Old Daly's Wharf