Mumbles Pier

The pier opened on May 10th 1898, the same day as the train from Swansea arrived, not vey surprising as both were owned by the same company. Regular sailings were to and from Penarth, Clevedon, Weston-super-Mare and Ilfracombe.

There are a few interesting old postcards on this site showing what it looked like in Victorian times, with the train running right up to the pier entrance. The pier has its’ own web site where more pictures and a few memories of bygone days can be found.

Unlike most piers, it seems to have avoided fires, or boasts crashing into it over the years. It was closed in 1940 for security reasons and was extensively reconstructed in the 1950s when a landing jetty was added. It officially re-opened in 1956. A new amusement arcade was built on the pier’s frontage in 1966.

In recent years it has been going through an extensive refurbishment, which as far as I can see, is progressing well without the usual arguments between everyone involved.

Painting of Mumbles Pier