Malibu Pier, California

Malibu pier is about a half hour drive west of Santa Monica, LA.

The pier was originally built in 1905 to be used as a transfer point for hides, grains, fruit, and other agricultural products. A tower, which was part of the original commercial operation is still standing close to the pier.

In 1934, the pier opened to the public and became a big hit with fishermen.

The twin buildings at the end of the pier were constructed after a rebuild following a storm that destroyed the pier head in the winter of 1943 – 44.

In 1960, an artificial reef was created in the ocean about a mile southeast of the pier in an attempt to protect it from ocean damage. The reef was composed of concrete pilings, derelict cars and other heavy junk.

The State of California bought the pier from private hands in a very battered condition in 1980.

The El Niño storms in 1993 and again others in 1995 severely damaged it again.

In the late 90s California transferred ownership of pier to the City of Malibu with the provision that Malibu fix and maintain it, but as Malibu couldn’t afford to do that, ownership transferred back to the state.

Painting of Malibu Pier