Burnham-on-Sea Pier

The first pier at this location was built by the Somerset Railway company in 1858, offering a steamer service to Wales from 1860. The old railway lines are still there under a layer of concrete.

The present structure was the last pier to be built before the outbreak of the First World War and opened in 1914, it was the first concrete structure of its kind.

It is normally referred to as Britain’s shortest pier but in reality, is a pavilion on legs. However, if you can ditch your preconceptions of the traditional English seaside pier, it is an impressive building with shades of railway station architecture, perhaps even of the Chrystal Palace Great Exhibition about it, although the ever present signs for Fish and Chips along the side do detract somewhat from that nostalgic perception.

Its owner has put in many years of effort and his own money on its renovation and upkeep, which is to be commended and the building looks in good condition.

Inside the pavilion are the usual slot machine amusements, bingo and a pizza counter. On the front ice-cream and burgers are on sale.

Painting of Burnham-on-Sea Pier