Beaumaris Pier

Beaumaris lies at the easterly end of Anglesey, situated across the Menai Strait from Bangor and Snowdonia.

The pier originally opened in 1846. It was a simple wood and iron construction that had improvements and additions built on in 1872 and 1895, it also had a pavilion built on the end of it. Steamers called in during the summer months running services to and from Menai Bridge, Llandudno and Liverpool. Business was never plenty, but services ran well into the 20th century, although because money was tight maintenance of the pier was probably not always as it should have been.

After continued lack of maintenance during the war years and the decline in passenger services during the 1950s, the then unsafe T-shaped landing stage was demolished.

On and off restoration work has been ongoing ever since, with the usual passing of the financial responsibly buck by various ‘representatives’ of the community.

In the 1960s the pier became unsafe and was closed to the public and threatened with demolition. A local yachtswoman, Miss Mary Burton, made a large private donation to ensure the pier was saved for the town. With ownership passing to Beaumaris Town Council, they restored the residual structure and then ownership passed to the Isle of Anglesey Borough Council who also undertook repairs.

The pier was finally opened again in June 2012. Just over a year later in 2013 problems surfaced with the management of the pier. Maintenance was not being carried out satisfactorily, and signs of poor workmanship and deterioration had begun to become apparent.

In April 2014  the geniuses of Anglesey County Council slapped a “tourist tax”, at 21p per passenger levy on commercial boat operators using the pier, this despite complaints of damage being done to boats because of exposed metal fendering and the ongoing lack of proper maintenance.

Painting of Beaumaris Pier